Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spinachery! Take Two

All of the spinach that I planted early in the summer has now been pulled up and composted. It shot to seed quickly in the heat - although i did managed to harvest three times before having to pull it up. I consider that a decent start.

I've now planted a new road of seedlings and will wait "patiently" while they take their turn coming through the soil. I think the plan is going to be to start a new batch of seeds every three weeks so I keep a good rotating crop of veggie friendly iron in the dirt. Makes morning eggs all the more exciting.

I've also harvest, shared and munched on all of the green onions that I started earlier in the season. So, of course, I planted some more of those as well. I have to be honest. I much less patient waiting for their arrival. I just love them.

So, here's to three weeks from now! Until then I'll be enjoying my early bean and zucchini crops.

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