Friday, April 15, 2011

Lettuce Begin Again!

A little time. A little Sunshine. A couple of cooler weather crops. And we have begun.

Today I spent a good portion of my afternoon out in the garden space, readying it for the planting season.

I turned the soil with the hoe.  I pulled out the little patches of grass that seeded themselves in over the course of the winter. And then I decided it was time to put my lettuce and spinach seeds in the ground.  (I haven't purchased my kale yet or that would be seeded in as well.)

I'm going to head out later to get what I need to start my seedlings for the rest of the garden.  I'm a little later than I was last year, but I did have a couple of mishaps in round one that I'm going to avoid in round two!! 

I love growing season!

1 comment:

  1. I'll be tuning in to "Seasoned Eats" from time to time. Don't you love it when you learn from your mistakes for the next planting season? Good luck J and happy planting!
    Love, Aunt Elaine