Thursday, June 3, 2010

Onion Sets

Being that I'm completely new to the back yard gardening box I'm completely fascinated by certain foods and their planting rituals.

This week my eyes are SET on the onion.

After eating three green onions freshly picked and cleaned from a home garden last weekend my brain has been consumed.

When i started my seedlings I did plant onion seeds and I do have about 25 sprouts...but to take my onion adventure even further i decided to take a recommendation and buy onion sets.

Since I had never heard of an onion set I began a little research and have learned a lot in just two days.

You have three options for planting onions...
1. seeds
2. sets
3. transplants - I need to read more on this one. I think they are just sets that have matured and began to bulb.

I've got two of them in action - seeds and sets.

My seeds that were planted are about an inch and a half high. Some of them have been transplanted into my garden and I'm hoping they become full sized onions. About 20 or so are growing right now close together in a pot. I want them to be green onions. It's all an experiment for now.

For a more sure fire growing method I ran out and got the sets today. Sets are bulbs that haven't yet began to sprout green at the top.

They are super inexpensive too. 100 bulbs for just 1.99. I bought a bag of white and a bag of red so I can experiment with the flavors and plant more than my body an bare to eat (or simply more than the people around me can bare for me to eat).

I'm hoping to get them in some dirt tonight. @

More on the onion to come. Including some pictures. I've been bad about getting out there and photographing the progress we are making.

There is so much I want to document with photos and share.


  1. The people around you indeed! How about a pic of that tangy leaf?...Incubus? No, started with an N....

    You got me thinkin' about plantin' may have infected me...

    I watered Gordy today...that's what I named my tomato plant.

  2. When are you going to open your veggie stand? I'll come by and pick up some good eats!! Proud of you for taking on your love of gardening. It is fun isn't it? Love, Aunt Elaine