Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Mystery Pot

At the beginning of my seed adventure - back in April - I accidentally spilled all of my seed pods on the driveway causing me to have to start over.

I salvaged what I could...and part of that equated to me picking up a bunch of mystery dirt filled with mystery seed and putting it in a large communal pot.

I got some growth in that soil...but I wasn't sure what it was until last night. The growth was identified as tomato plants.

Boy are those little guys hardy.

Oddly, the ones in the pot grew about 3X as fast as my little ones in the peat - yes, a complete contradiction to what I had posted earlier.

I put the big guys in the garden near the little guys I had planted the other day - whoever takes off will be spaced out nurtured even more. We'll see how this works out. Right now I know I'm a little over crowded on tomatoes (and maybe slightly proud of it).

Anyone need a tomato plant?

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  1. Jamie, I'm so proud of you for taking an interest in organic gardening. It's fun isn't it? You are really doing it right by researching everything your planting. If you have a ton of tomatoes when they mature, you can make "spagetti" sauce, or a marina sauce which is awesome and/or give me some! I planted 3 tomatoe plants, a Roma, Big Boy and Early Girl and they all come in at different times. I love watching them grow. My plants are at least 3 feet high already and have flowers on them. I also planted herbs and eggplant. Soon I'll be opening a veggie stand on my tree lawn. ha ha Love, Aunt Elaine