Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So, it's different than I though it would be. Harvesting. Plants are wise and protective - camouflaging the fruits of their labor carefully. I swear I look around my garden at least twice a day and it's entirely possible that even when carefully looking I could miss a vegetable that is right in front of my eyes.

This morning I went back out just to see what changed from last night through this morning after a night of rain - and things really do change just that fast. But instead, what I found were about a dozen beans ready pick. Beans that I didn't even know had begun to sprout. I wasn't looking close enough - even though it seems like looking is a majority of what I do.

I washed them and put them in the salad I picked for lunch.

It's so rewarding and exciting to see the work we put in paying off. I'm in love with my food.

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