Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blossom End Rot

It was just as I suspected.

My little shrivel stick zucchini's are likely a product over overwatering. The pruned fingers of the veggie world. Visually predictable.

I semi-suspected we were giving the plants too much fluid - watering daily. Especially the plants that I did on the side of the house - they just simply do not get enough hours of sunlight to justify a daily watering. Truth be told, the main garden probably doesn't need it either.

I'm going to cut back on the water supply this week and see what happens. It's not quite as hot as last week so this is probably a good time to try it out.

Hopefully this is a journey back to plumpness.

Wish there was a Lubriderm for shrivelly squashes. That'd be an easy fix.

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  1. Ug, I think I overwatered my little garden patch as well. I was so afraid the 90 plus degree heat would kill them so I was watering daily. In previous years I've been too absent minded to water daily. My cucumbers took a dive. They were thriving, now they are a wilted and shriveled mess. My beans are scrawny this year and my seedlings didn't make it. But cheers to happy gardening! xo angeline