Friday, July 23, 2010

One more time and I'm gonna wash your mouth out with...

Lettuce :(

My green leafy lettuce is now leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. A total disappointment as it is one of my most beautiful crops and I have plenty of it right now.

The cause - HEAT.

Online sources suggest putting it in the fridge for a couple days before eating it to cut the bitter bite.

I'll try it. I'm not willing to give up yet.

On a positive note - I just ate my first little orange pepper and have quite a few more in progress on the plant. I'm creating zucchini at a rate I can't even keep up with. I've been harvesting a bean or two here and there. Once my tomatoes start to ripen I'm going to have a case of acid reflux even Pepcid can't tame - lots on the vine.

Next week I'm going to take a shot at fried green tomatoes and take care to taste my early crop.

It's all about looking and learning for me. And it's a beautiful thing.

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