Monday, July 26, 2010

Life In Transition.

A small lilac bush sits at back right corner of my lot.

Some time last year the tree stopped blooming and the life inside of it faded.

Early this April, however, I came into the backyard to find the bush bursting with life. Vibrant orange and pale yellow flowers trailed over the branches. Though it had stopped thriving as what it once was - the bush lent its strength and structure to an incoming vine - the beautiful blossoms and sweet, sweet fragrance of the honey suckle.

A month or so passed and as the honey suckle faded back to a subtle green, a morning glory vine eased its way in and began the process of showing its life over the branches. Mornings burst over the bush in a blueish lavender. All uninterrupted by, but supported by the life below.

I've been observing this transition of life for months. So many lives blossoming then receding over the same set of branches. The ease of exchange. The way it can almost happen before your eyes without you even noticing. The way nature comes in to fill the space to keep life beautiful.

Isn't this what living is all about? Allowing yourself to change over time, to embrace new life, the people that come and go, the situations that present themselves. Moving always - forward.

We all have this wonderful opportunity to open our arms wide during periods transition. To surrender ourselves to the changing the life around us. To make room for new love and situations.

When we don't fight hard against nature we can live fully in our skin.

I'm thankful for the bush that surrendered itself to open my eyes to this. It helps me to realize that there has been value in every stage of my life. Each has enabled me to learn and display critical parts of myself, to give and receive the exact love I needed at that time.

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