Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain Rain. Rain. Rain Rain.

So, Ohio has been rather moist this spring. I still haven't managed to fill in my newly dug garden with sand and soil. Every time we get the time to do it the skies open up and fill the hole up like a swimming pool.

I have made some decisions about how to proceed, especially seeing now that the area we dug does turn quite swampy.

I am going to fill the hole first with a layer of sand. Then I'm going to build the area up with landscaping ties to elevate the garden and use quite a bit of soil to create depth.

My seedlings are looking great - or were until I came out to find them swimming in water this morning. I dumped out the little swimming pools and hid them in the garage until the rain stops. I'm hoping we get some sun tomorrow so I can dry them out a bit. They definitely are swampy. I should have drilled holes in the containers once the seedlings got to a height where the lids didn't stay put. Let's hope this wasn't a fatal error. I love my plant friends.

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