Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back Yard Farming.

Maybe having a 12' by 6' plot of earth for gardening in my back yard isn't enough to qualify me as a farmer....but when you add in the four dogs we have prancing around it, stray cats that have made my yard home, and a plethora of birds perched on wires plotting their next dive into my freshly planted seeds...creative license tells me I can call myself a back yard farmer.

I'm going with it - "Farmer Jamie."

I'm proud to report that after nearly 2 months of not being able to dig in the yard - we have made progress. We dug out the rest of the garden and filled it with 2 yards of soil. 2 yards, which equates to two people shoveling nonstop for three hours to empty the truck bed.

Dirty nails are prettier than polished ones to me on days like these.

What a sense of accomplishment :)

PS. Even in mostly overcast Ohio you have to water plants daily (and on sunny days maybe more than once) if you want them to stay alive. One day out in the 80 degree heat was enough to kill a few of my new seedling babies. I think they might have been spared had I watered them in the morning rather than the night before...but that is just a guess. Shade might have been the only hope.

It's survival of the fittest on my farm. And I'm learning.

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