Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Charlotte and the Serendipitous Wooden Box.

There's something serendipitous about not having EVER cleaned out my garage - hidden, highly usable treasures.

I was going to venture out to find some sort of wood to build a structure around my garden to support the 2 yards of soil we deposited in there. Then it occurred to me to that I have a garage full of mystery and I should explore.

I sidestepped a structure full of treasures from a Harley to an old box-spring only to stumble upon these wooden beauties. They were covered with spider eggs which did have me scratching at my arms, legs and head squeamishly after picking them up, but they are perfect for the job and FREE so I dealt with it.

If Charlotte could save Wilbur - I can deal with "her offspring" long enough to save some money.

I think the boards might have been used to build a shelving unit at some point in the past (they had a mushroom pattern paper stuck to them), but yesterday they were reborn as my garden box.

My uncle is picking up the taller ones to saw them in half so that we can cover the entire space without spending even a dime on the wood :)

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