Sunday, March 20, 2011

Harry "Potter"

I feel like a green thumb version of Harry Potter.

In the fourth grade I fell while walking through the woods and got a thorn embedded in my right hand directly underneath my pointer finger.  Not allowing my parents to dig in hard enough to get the thorn out, I ended up with a situation.  The thorn became surrounded with a cyst and had to be removed surgically from my hand.  Meanwhile I had spent a couple of months harboring a piece of the earth within me.

This week the scar where my thorn used to be has been aching.  I made a joke that maybe it was my cue to start my seedlings...plenty of light making its way through my windows now and I know I could get a much better start on my tomato plants if I took advantage of it. 

So, as it happens my aching scar has made me feel like a real life version of Harry Potter - with a much more literal take on the word potter, if you catch my drift.

Happy Planting Ohioans! Have you started your seedlings yet?

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