Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So (Sow), the seedlings are planted.

I had so much to do yesterday, but I get so excited about plants that I decided to put the time in and get things started.

I bought the containers that you can plant directly into the ground. I put everything except my Kale and Spinach in those. I'm leaving the Kale and Spinach outside to start - everything else I brought indoors for now.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I purchased a small green house at DrugMart. It is simply a wire rack with a plastic cover, but I think it is going to help out a lot with my plants. Especially the container ones I want to keep out past the end of the summer season.

I intend to learn more about what I can do with it as time goes on.

Enjoy the photos :)

Kale and Spinach

Green Beans
2 Types of Zucchini
2 Types of Tomato
Acorn Squash
Banana Peppers
6 different types of flowers!

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