Friday, March 26, 2010

Growing Peas In Ohio - It is time.

So here’s what I have learned.

It is, in fact, the right time to plant snap peas and nearly time for snap beans as well. The difference in timing? The last frost.

Since we are in Ohio and on nights like last we are reminded that another frost can be lurking around any corner, I am going to wait on beans.

Peas on the other hand I’m going to get some seeds and at least make an effort.

Peas are known as cool season crops, which means they can be planted as early as the soil defrosts and you can start digging.

Seeds should be placed into the soil about 1 inch deep and not closer than 2 inches apart.

A little sunlight and good drainage and we should set to grow.

Now, I might make a different decision when I get to the store; however, I think for this first growing experience I am going to pick up some snow peas and some sugar snap peas.

I’ll let you know my final choices once I actually complete a purchase. Maybe this weekend.

Happy Friday

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